Joint European Projects on Cognitive Aging

Aging Projects in Europe

  • The role of language experience and surprisal for learning and memory
    Jutta Kray, Katja Häuser - Saarland University, Germany - 2022-2026
  • The aging episodic memory and its plasticity: A cross-cultural approach
    Jutta Kray, Axel Mecklinger, Juan Li - Saarland University, Germany & Chinese Academy of Science, China - 2019-2023
  • Development of traffic safety-related personal characteristics of seniors: A longitudinal study
    Stephan Getzmann, Edmund Wascher, Georg Rudinger - IfADo & uzbonn, Germany - 2016-2023
  • Auditory scene analysis and focusing of attention in speech understanding in younger and older adults
    Stephan Getzmann - IfADo, Germany - 2015-2022
  • Influence of interruptions on attention and working memory performance in younger and older adults
    Stephan Getzmann, Daniel Schneider - IfADo, Germany - 2021-2024
  • Auditory localization and attention of younger and older adults in virtual and real 3D spaces (DFG Priority Programme AUDICTIVE)
    Stephan Getzmann - IfADo, Rainer Martin – Ruhr University Bochum, Germany - 2021-2024
  • Building interventions to improve quality of life in old age: supporting intergenerational communication, decisions about care and health behaviours.
    Louise Phillips, Katharina Schnitzspahn, Stephen Makin, Claire Wallace, Lorna Philip, Julia Allan, Louise Locock, University of Aberdeen, Scotland. 2022-2026
  • Compensatory brain activity in older adults. The search for the electrophysiological indicators of cognitive processes involved in this activity, and its possible changes induced by working memory training
    Ludmila Zając-Lamparska - Kazimierz Wielki University, Poland - 2018-2022
  • Neuroplay. Developing an intuitive, portable training device based on the biofeedback method, aimed to support cognitive functioning in aging.
    Ludmila Zajac-Lamparska; Monika Wilkosc-Debczynska; Aleksander Araszkiewicz; Tomasz Senderek, Aleksander Sobotnicki, Radosław Tracz - Kazimierz Wielki University, Poland; Nicolaus Copernicus University - Collegium Medicum + entrepreneurs / partners of the consortium - 2018-2021
  • Day-to-day behavior captured on the smartphone as a measure of cognitive status in aging
    Arko Gosh, Guido Band, Richard Ridderinkhof - Leiden University and University of Amsterdam - 2019-2023